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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 4

R. V. Terpilovskii (Kiev, Ukraine)

Kiev and Cherniakhov Cultures: the Problem of Contacts

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Pages: 132-148

The author distinguishes a number of stages in Cherniakhov and Kiev cultures.
In the middle of III – early IV century, the bearers of Cherniakhov culture penetrate rather far in the East and reach the upper Don areas. It is on the left bank of Dnieper where Cherniakov-Kiev strip farming was developed. The boundary in the Middle Dnieper area is determined by the river Stuchka. The settlement of Gnevaha near Kiev is superimposed by Cherniakhov layer. Situation is similar on a number of other sites on the left bank. Kiev sites in IV century are exclusively located to the north and east of Cherniakhov area. The author links this situation to the wars led by Gothic king Hermanarich against the Venetians. The  Hunns’ invasion in 375 changed the situation again. On the one hand, the Cherniakhov bearers penetrate in the north (burials found in Kiev), on the other hand, the bearers of Kiev culture return to the south: settlements at Slobodka 4, Sencha, Kurgan-Azak. It is the time for wars led by Vinitarius, Hermanarich’s successor, with the Ants. The first half of V century sees a “decline” of both cultures, which were followed by the sites of early Slavic culture – Penikovskaya, developed with participation of the two ancestor cultures.

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