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Stratum plus. 2014. No2

Yu. A. Chernienko (Odessa, Ukraine)

The Sabatinovka Culture in the System of the Bronze Age Antiquities of the South of the Eastern Europe

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Pages: 15-112

The monograph is dedicated to the Sabatinovka culture, the problems of its genesis and the tendencies of the development of its relations with the neighbouring cultural entities. The recognition of the independent Sabatinovka culture stretched out surprisingly for a long time did not put an end in the discussion of the problem of the relationship of this culture with some other cultural entities of the South of the Eastern Europe. Some issues of the historiography of the problem and of the source base are analyzed. The author defends unhesitatingly the traditional point of view according to which only the late Timber Grave antiquities correspond to the Sabatinovka time, whereas the earlier ones correlate with the previous time of Babino antiquities (Borodino treasure). The authors oppose decisively the attempts of the complete synchronization of the Timber Grave cultural-historical community or even the Berezhnovsko-Maevskaia Srubnaia culture with the Sabatinovka culture. The foundations for supporting those researchers who see not only horizontal but also genetic relations of the Sabatinovka culture with the Timber Grave cultural-historical community (especially with the BMZC) are offered (with active use of the data on burial sites). In author's opinion, the appropriate genetic links are not confined only to the participation of the Babino population in the formation of the Sabatinovka culture and the Timber Grave antiquities which many authors write about but have their roots in the times of the interaction between the carriers of the Berezhnovka type of the Early Timber Grave culture and the population of the Babino cultural circle. Although we can talk about some genetic relationship between the Sabatinovka and Noua cultures, the latter falls significantly from the unity of the funeral rites of the Late Bronze Age on the vast territory. I join with those researchers who explain the unity of the material culture of the same two entities primarily by horizontal (economic) relations.

Keywords: Sabatinovka culture, Berezhnovsko-Maevskaia Srubnaia culture, Babino, Noua, genesis

Information about author:

Yuriy Chernienko
(Odessa, Ukraine). Odessa Archaeological Museum of National Academy of Science of Ukraine. Lanzheronovskaya St. 4, Odessa, 65026, Ukraine.
E-mail: [email protected]

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