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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №5

O. V. Ovsyannikov, M. E. Jasinski (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

From the Papers of Adjutant General C.N. Possuet (A Fragment from the Report of 1870)

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Pages: 276-282

The article offers a publication and interpretation of a fragment from the Report of 1870 by the Russian Adjutant General C.N. Possuet. The name of Constantine Nikolaevich Possuet finds a remarkable place in the history of the Russian seafaring. Born in 1819, he pursued the “naval career”. His books on artillery arming of the fleet enjoyed popularity. In 1859—1865 Possuet was Adjutant General of the Great Knyaz Alexei Alexandrovich. He later was appointed minister of communications to do much good for development of the Russian transportation. In 1870 heading a small squadron Possuet navigated from Petersburg to Arkhangelsk by rivers and lakes and returned having doubled the Scandinavian peninsula, the fact that he reflected in his Report (see Annex). A part of the Report is dedicated to his sailing with a squadron of ships to the Novaya Zemlya and along the Murmansk coast. This part of the record is particularly interesting for a history of sea fishery in the Russian North, and therefore it is published and interpreted by the authors of this article.


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