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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 1

E. V. Smyntyna (Odessa, Ukraine)

Palaeoecological Regions of the Steppe Ukraine at the Period of Early Mesolithic

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Pages: 463-476

System analysis of mode of life, population density and economy of Steppe Ukraine Early Mesolithic population gives possibility to underline specific features of their common way of cultural adaptation to palaeogeographic situation on the territory under study taken as entire unit. More detailed investigation of Steppe population culture testifies that the geographic conditions of the region as well as cultural adaptation were not homogeneous. As a result in the frameworks of the Steppe Ukraine one can distinguish several palaeoecological regions: 1) Dniester-Dnieper interfluvial; 2) Dnieper basin; 3) Lower Danube region; 4) Siversky Donets basin. Boundaries and specialities of this regions were definited by geographical condition and by systems of their exploitation elaborated by the Mesolithic population. In some cases ecological regions coincide with territories of separate archaeological cultures distribution (for example. Lower Danube region and Lower Dnieper basin). It puts forward question of interdependence of ecological and ethnic history which need additional theoretical, methodological and empirical investigations.

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