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Stratum plus. 2020. No6

H. Zh. Harutyunyan (Yerevan, Armenia)

Dalmatia According to the “Ancient Armenian Geography”

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Pages: 327-333

“Ancient Armenian geography” contains information about many countries of Europe, including and located on the Balkan Peninsula. It contains information about Dalmatia. Our goal was to find out the reasons that prompted its authors to pay attention to this country. Moreover, it was found that the “Ancient Armenian Geography” describes the Greater and Lesser Dalmatia. Interest in them was due to the importance of Diocletian for the history of Armenia. Moreover, the accuracy of the information given in “Ancient Armenian Geography” is not inferior to that given by Ptolemy and Strabo.

Keywords: Balkan Peninsula, Rome, Dalmatia, Movses Khorenatsi, Anania Shirakatsi, «Ashkharatsuyts», Adriatic Sea, written sources

Information about author:

Hakob Harutyunyan (Yerevan, Armenia). Doctor of Historical Sciences. Yerevan State University. Kh. Abovyan St., 52, Yerevan, 0025, Republic of Armenia
E-mail: [email protected]

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