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Stratum plus. 2013. №5

F. Curta (Gainesville, Florida, USA)

The Image and Archaeology of the Pechenegs

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Pages: 203-234

The Byzantine authors writing about the Pechenegs employed stereotypes to describe them. Nonetheless, archaeologists have taken sources at face value and identified the Pechenegs with massacre and destruction. Archaeological sources, however, enable to reveal a specific material culture of the Pechenegs. Artefacts such as clay cauldrons, leaf-shaped pendants with open work, or bridle mounts may be of use for a study of the regional identity development in the autonomous Pecheneg area created in the northern Balkans during the second half of the 11th century.

Keywords: northern Balkans, 11th century, Pechenegs, clay cauldrons, leaf-shaped pendants, cemetery, bridle mounts

Information about author:

Florin Curta
(Gainesville, Florida, USA). Ph.D. University of Florida, Flint Hall, Gainesville, 17320, FL 326511-7320, United States of America
E-mail: [email protected]

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