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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 4

I. V. Tunkina (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

N.J. Marr and F.A. Braun: A History of Relationships (1920 – 1925)

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Pages: 384-391

The history of ethnology and linguistics was enriched by the two outstanding Russian scholars F.A. Braun and N.J. Marr. In early 20s, professor Braun using revolutionary Japhetic theory by academician N.J. Marr tried to take a new view on the problem of the German ethno-genesis. This article focuses on history of relationships between the two colleagues at the turning-point of the modern Russian history. As Marr’s doctrine developed, turning more and more aggressive and unsubstantiated within the framework of the traditional linguistics, Braun started distancing from Japhetidology. Severance of relations between the two scholars proved to be inevitable.

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