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Stratum plus. 2015. No 3

A. N. Podushkin (Shymkent, Kazakhstan)

Egyptian Faience in the Burials of the Kylyshzhar and Kultobe Cemeteries in Southern Kazakhstan

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Pages: 307-320

The article is devoted to new discoveries of Egyptian faience in archaeological complexes of the Arys tombs’ catacombs of Kylyshzhar and Kultobe in Southern Kazakhstan (1st century BC — 3rd century AD). The article give detailed characteristics of the products in their functional, semantic, typological and ethno-cultural contexts, analyzes all aspects of the appearance and use of this particular group of ancient artifacts of the Kangyuy state period. The article also gives numerous analogies from different regions (Central Asia, Southern Ural, Don Region, Kuban, North-Pontic Region). The appearance of Egyptian faience is associated with the Sarmatians and possible south-eastern migration of ethnic groups at the turn of the era — first centuries AD into Southern Kazakhstan.

Keywords: Southern Kazakhstan, Arys culture, Kangyuy, Egyptian faience, Kylyshzhar, Kultobe, Sarmatians, catacomb burials.

Information about author:

Alexander Podushkin
(Shymkent, Kazakhstan). Doctor of Historical Sciences. South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute. Baytursinov St., 15, Shymkent, 160017, Kazakhstan
E-mail: [email protected]

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