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Stratum plus. 2011. №4

D. A. Kostromichyov (Simferopol, Ukraine)

Roman Military Presence in Chersonesos in Early 1st — First Half of 5th Century (by archaeological evidence)

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Pages: 13-164

The analysis of the Roman military presence at Chersonesos is based on archaeological, epigraphical and written sources. Informative category of finds are Latin inscriptions, of which 79 lapidary inscriptions from Chersonesos known today. This epigraphical evidence also includes 121 Latin stamps on building materials, and also a fragment of a bronze military diploma. Building activity of the Roman military personnel is tracked in buildings of barracks, thermae, headquarters, a sanctuary on the territory of the citadel, and also a granary on the northern coast of Chersonesos. Found in Chersonesos were 203 items of the Roman military equipment. Among them, 8 details of arms, 82 fibulae, 97 belt details, a set of nails from shoes, 11 details of horse harness. A complex analysis of sources offered periodization of the Roman military presence at Chersonesos. The fi rst stage (1—100 AD) is characterized by incidental occurrences of the Roman troops in Chersonesos. Evidence of the Roman presence in this period includes just a few items of military equipment. Latin inscriptions or construction debris are absent. The second stage (100—130/40 AD) in Chersonesos was marked by presence of a constant garrison. At this stage, the Roman presence cannot be thought large-scale. No construction debris is found for this stage. Details of military equipment and inscriptions are not numerous. In the beginning of the third stage (140—250/60 AD), the Roman army substantially increased its presence. A Roman camp dated by this period was built in the citadel. The majority of the Latin inscriptions and about 60% of items of military equipment belong to the given period. The fourth stage (260—450 AD) is marked by less yet still persistent evidence of the Roman garrison present there. Some buildings of the Roman citadel were still used, which is substantiated by some Latin inscriptions. Some items of military equipment are also found.

Keywords: Roman Empire, Chersonesos, military equipment, armament, ammunition

Information about author:

Daniel Kostromichyov (Simferopol, Ukraine). Candidate of historical sciences. Institute of Oriental Studies, Crimean Department, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
E-mail: [email protected]

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