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Stratum plus. 2015. No 3

R. La Farina (Palermo, Italy)

Late Arin-berd (Armenia). Old Discoveries and New Chronologies

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Pages: 45-56

A new analysis of old excavation data of Arin-berd builds up a 7th—3rd centuries BC chronology (late- and post-Urartian periods) more complex than thought before and partially divergent from previous historical reconstructions. In northern sector of fortress, it is possible to distinguish at least 3 building phases: the original “palace” sector (early 8th century BC), the new northern sector built around a large open space (probably late Urartu, 7th century BC) and finally a squatter occupation probably dating 6th or 5th century BC. The lower town, which reaches its maximum during second half of 7th century BC, presents traces of occupation dating immediately before and after Achaemenid domination of Armenian Highland. Two particular small finds are discussed: a duck head-shape pottery handle and a faience Bes amulet.

Keywords: late Urartгu, Achaemenids, Arin-berd, Erebuni, Armenia, duck-shape handles, Bes.

Information about author:

Riccardo La Farina
(Palermo, Italy). PhD. University of Naples “L’Orientale”. San Domenico Maggiore Sq., 12, Naples, 80134, Italy
E-mail: [email protected]

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