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Stratum plus. 1999. № 5

S. E. Ehrlich (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

The Russia of Wizards — 2 («Digging» the Sacred Text)

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Pages: 469-499

«The author from S.-Petersburg identifies the triad «intelligentsia, power, people» with the Indo-European triad «wizards, warriors, workers». The first generation of Russian ‘wizards’ was composed of sorcerers, the second — of orthodox clergy, the third — of intelligentsia (born on December, 14, 1825 as Ehrlich S. assumes). The author wittily treats the heritage of Decembrists as ‘a sacred text’ protected by the intelligentsia just as sorcerers guarded pagan sacred places. In author’s opinion today intelligentsia is dead. What fourth generation of ‘wizards’ is coming to take its place?» 

Vasilevsky A. (Annotation from the journal «Novii Mir» 1996, N 2, p.255)

Information about author:

Ehrlich Serghei (St.-Petersburg, Russia). Candidate of historical sciences. Ed. Nestor-Istoria
Е-mail: [email protected]

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