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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №5

A. S. Ostroverkhov (Odessa, Ukraine)

Glass as Historical Phenomenon in the Late-Nomadic Society of the Northern Black-Sea Area (9th – 14th centuries A.D.)

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Pages: 309-362

The article brings a comprehensive description of glass objects found in late nomadic (9th – 14th cc.) burials on the Northern Black Sea Coast and in the Azov Sea basin. The author infers that the nomads had a sporadic acquisition of glass objects, which were used to replace semi-precious stones. Their material value was comparable to that of precious metals and stones. The assortment of these products is rather limited. These are beads, bracelets and decorations on clothes. No glass crockery has ever been found in burials. Judging by a large variety of chemical types and geo-chemical sub-types, the nomads got glass from many regions: various centers of the vast Byzantine Empire, Kiev Russia, Volga basin, the Caucasus, Trans-Caucasus and Middle Asia. This multi-colored picture reflects their mobile way of life and wide international and commercial relations.


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