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Stratum plus. 2013. №1

M. V. Anikovich (†)

Once Again on the Problem of the Origin of the Upper Palaeolithic or “Сritique of Сritical Сriticism”

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Pages: 283-312

The earliest Upper Palaeolithic cultures are dated to 40—50 ka. Of particular importance is the question about their roots. In the author’s opinion, the Upper Palaeolithic Streletskian culture can be genetically linked with the Micoquian. This hypothesis is based first of all on the existence of a number of tool types common to both industries (Chokurcha triangles, bifacial points with concave base, subtriangular endscrapers with partial ventral thinning, etc.). While being sharply different from the technological point of view, these forms are sufficiently similar in typological sense to suggest their belonging to a single tradition. Recently the hypothesis of continuity between the Micoquian and Streletskian has been strongly criticized and rejected in several publications by V. P. Chabai, who considers the analogies drawn between these two industries too superficial, misleading and irrelevant to the argument. The present paper, written as a response to V. P. Chabai's criticism, provides further elaboration and substantiation of the idea that the early Upper Palaeolithic Streletskian traditions can be partly rooted in the Micoquian of East Europe and, particularly, of the Crimea.

Keywords: Eastern Europe, Micoquian, Streletskian, typology, continuity

Information about author:

Mikhail Anikovich. Doctor of Historical Sciences (†)

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