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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 4

B. V. Magomedov (Kiev, Ukraine)

The Ethnic Elements in Cherniakhov Culture

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Pages: 132-148

While studying Cherniakhov sites, the author distinguishes three main groups:
1) Kosanovo type, which occupies the main part of Cherniakhov area, from the left bank of Dnieper to Transylvania. These sites include many elements of north-western Wielbark culture bearers (Goths) and other German tribes originating from the North Europe and Scandinavia (particularly, Heruls). On the eastern boundaries, the newcomers are in close contacts of various nature with the bearers of proto-Slavic Kiev culture.
2) The type Cherepin-Teremtsy in the upper areas of Western Bug, Dniester, and on middle Dniester (Teremtsy is chronologically a relatively later stage). The author is inclined to connect this group with proto-Slavic.
3) Black Sea Coast group. An active part in its formation must have been taken by the Scythians of Low Dnieper, Sarmatians and Hellenes, inhabitants of chora of Classical ancient towns on the Black Sea Coast.
The author does not consider essential the role of Dacian element in Cherniakhov culture.

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