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Stratum plus. 1999. № 2

Larina O. V. (Kishinev, Moldova)

The Linear Pottery Culture of the area between rivers Prut and Dniester

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Pages: 10-112

The monographs presented for the readers’ attention gives the first generalizing research on the topic in this region. Nevertheless the discoveries by V. I. Markevich, works by T. S. Passek relate to the middle of this century, the main points of the total cultural structure has been remaining incomplete and unclear in many aspects. Disbalance of knowledge was reflected more evidently through the comparison with the works made for Central and Western Europe (J. Pavuk, B. Soudsky, I. Pavlu, M. Zapotocka, I. Luning, P. I. R. Modderman). The main goal of the author was to work out the problems on the level of systematization of the materials and of possible social and economic corrections with the emphasis on some criteria of general importance. The application of these criteria allows to single out general and particular features in the development of LPC from the rivers Seine and Rhine to the very east boarders on the banks of Prut and Dniester. There the tendency for creation of some “local” association was reflected fully – Moldavian group of monuments. The time of its appearance goes with the time of cultural flourishing (middle stages of the younger), development occurs parallel with Djeliz and Sharka groups (according to J. Pavuk), with interaction and in contact with Danube cultures: Dudeshti, Bojan, Vincha, Precucuteni I and the East Bug-Dniester Culture. In symbiosis with these cultures bearers of Linear Pottery Culture of the area between rivers Prut and Dniester appeared to be a part of a new cultural phenomenon of the Eneolithic Cucuteni-Tripolie.

Information about author:

Larina Olga (Kishinev, Moldova). Doctor of history. Cultural Heritage Institute, Moldova Academy of Sciences

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