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D. Jelínková (Brno, Czech Republic)

On the Issue of Some Female Adornments from a Cremation Cemetery of the Prague-type Pottery Culture in Přítluky

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Pages: 389-407

The paper deals with some adornments from cremation graves of the Prague-type pottery culture (PTPC) in Přítluky. Written documents reveal that 3 graves yielded objects identifiable as bronze pendants. One grave contained a trapezoidal sheet-metal pendant with two rows of points at the lower edge, and fragments of another pendant, the second grave most probably contained fragments of a pendant of the same type, and the third grave yielded a part of an unspecified bronze pendant. Similar, mostly undecorated, trapezoidal pendants occurred, sometimes together with large trapezoidal pendants decorated with two rows of tiny points at their lower edge, in contexts of cultures of the Eastern European forest zone since the 5th century. Occurrence of such pendants among the finds of PTPC might represent a contribution of these cultures to emergence of new cultural units during migrations from the east to the west in the 2nd half of the 6th and in the early 7th century. The contacts in opposite west-eastern direction might be indicated by the occurrence of several Merovingian artefacts in Eastern Europe. Attention in this regard has been paid to buckles with trapezoidal shield with crosswise grooves at the base of the tongue, which occur with several cultures of the forest zone and one specimen was also found in a cremation grave of PTPC in the cemetery of Großprüfening, Bavaria.

Keywords: Central and Eastern Europe, Early Middle Ages, Prague-type pottery culture, Přítluky cemetery, cremation graves, contacts, trapezoidal pandants, buckles, amber

Information about author:

Dagmar Jelínková
(Brno, Czech Republic). PhDr., CSc. Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Brno. Čechyňská 363/19, Brno, 60200, Czech Republic
E-mail: [email protected]

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