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Stratum plus. 2015. No 3

F. M. Tóth (Budapest, Hungary)

A Scythian Age Zoomorphic Roe Antler Cheekpiece from a Settlement in the Middle Tisza Region, Hungary

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Pages: 297-306

In 2010 a Scythian type zoomorphic antler cheekpiece was found in the Middle Tisza Region. Analysing of this find, the present study focuses on the bone and antler cheekpieces of the Scythian Age, which appear relatively rarely in the Carpathian Basin. A survey of the find’s analogies is followed by a delineation of the type’s development and of its relations with the contemporary iron variants, enlisting finds not only from the close area but from the steppe and forest steppe regions as well. The analysis of the appearing wearmarks provides relevant data for the reconstruction of the coeval horse harnesses, while the study of the find’s stylistic marks adds new information to the current picture of the character and intensity of connections between the steppe and forest steppe regions and the Carpathian Basin during the Scythian Age.

Keywords: Carpathian Basin, Great Hungarian Plain, Scythian Age, Pusztataskony, horse harness, horse bit, cheekpiece, antler, zoomorphism.

Information about author:

Farkas Márton Tóth
(Budapest, Hungary). Budapest History Museum. Szent György tér, 2, Budapest, 1014, Hungary
E-mail: [email protected]

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