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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №3

I. B. Kleiman (Odessa, Ukraine)

History of Tyra in the Second Half of III – First Half of II Centuries BC (Construction and Material Complex)

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Pages: 404-417

The article is a detailed description of open debris and material finds discovered at the house No.VII and the adjacent street located on the Central dig of Tyra and dated by the second half of III – first half of II centuries BC. The walls overlay a portion of the defence wall dated by IV – III cc. BC, and in their turn were overlain by a thin, disappearing at places, layer of town of the late II – first half of I cc. BC and thick layers of Roman and later time.
The material finds complete the data about economic and cultural ties of Tyra. Some corrections have been made to chronology and stratigraphy of the site.


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