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Stratum plus. 2013. №5

E. R. Mikhaylova (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Early Medieval Settlement on the Northern Shore of Lake Meryovo

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Pages: 73-81

The article introduces results of excavations on the multi-layered settlement Meryovo Х near the modern City of Luga. In 2004, exploratory excavations uncovered some Neolithic and Medieval ceramics and artefacts. The early Medieval finds are associated with Pskov Long Barrows Culture, whose sites are well known in the neighbourhood. One can note that settlements on Lake Meryovo are concentrated near the water, while burial sites are located on the bedrock coast. These topographic circumstances are typical for Pskov Long Barrows Culture.

Keywords: Luga-Oredezh interfluve, Early Middle Ages, Pskov Long Barrow Culture, multilayered settlement, topographical location

Information about author:

Elena Mikhaylova (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Saint Petersburg State University, Smolnogo St., 1/3, Saint Petersburg, 191124, Russia
E-mail: [email protected]

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