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Stratum plus. 2020. No6

N. I. Nikolaev (Nikolaev, Ukraine)

About the Foundation of Scythian Neapolis

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Pages: 213-227

The dominant date in science for the founding of Scythian Neapolis (180 BC) is based on a single chronological indicator — the Rhodes eponymous stamping. The date of foundation of Neapolis at the end of the 3rd — beginning of the 2nd centuries BC, established in the 1980—90s, was confirmed by synchronizing a group of independent chronoindicators (the date of the dedications of Poseideus and Eumenes, the chronology of the astynomic stamping of Tauric Chersonesos, the refined chronology of the eponymous stamping of Rhodes). The new chronological indicator of Neapolis is the chronology of the previous historical situation in Olbia. It allows us to accept the hypothesis about the reasons for the founding of Neapolis around 199—197 BC as an exit (exile) after the defeat in the clan struggle of the Olbian clans of Dionysians and Leokratids-Euresibiads-Leoprepids, who were probably in contact with the Scythian elite.

Keywords: North Black Sea region, Crimea, Scythian Neapolis, Olbia, chronology, ceramic stamping, chronological indicators, historical situation

Information about author:

Mykola Nikolaev (Nikolaev, Ukraine). Doctor of Historical Sciences. Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University. Sukhomlynskу St. 30, Pereiaslav, 08401, Ukraine
E-mail: [email protected]

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