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Stratum plus. 2010. №2

A. V. Dyachenko (Kiev, Ukraine)

Eustatic Fluctuations of the Black Sea Level and Dynamics of the Development of Cucuteni-Tripolye Сommunity Population

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Pages: 37-48

The article covers the analysis of the dynamics of the development of Cucuteni-Tripolye community population in the context of climatic changes marked with eustatic fluctuations of the Black Sea level. Crisis phenomena revealed in the settlement fortification and long distance migrations are typical for the periods of arid climate and time of the stabilization of “military and political situation” is typical for the periods with higher precipitations level.

Keywords: Climate, Cucuteni-Tripolye community, migrations, eustatic fluctuations

Information about author:

Alexander Dyachenko (Kiev, Ukraine). Junior research fellow. Archaeology Institute of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences.
E-mail: [email protected]

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