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Stratum plus. 1999. № 1

Vinogradova E. A., Sheipak O. A. (Moscow, Russia)

Possibilities of studying of the Upper Palaeolithic flint materials using electronic data base

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Pages: 219-223

Modern computer technologies in archaeology definitely have a number of advantages. Computers allow to preserve and process big data sets about mass material when the number of finds come to thousands or dozens of thousands . They facilitate very much the usage of statistical methods. The information technologies match the modern methods of accurate fixing of the archaeological material and make possible the exchange of precise and objective information among the researchers. Finally, they solve the problem of cartography and volume – space presentations of the information about finds. On the other hand the use of computers presupposes a precise, severe, standardized description of materials what is not always easy to realize. In the offered article the data base for flint finds of the stone-beam culture is described. The data base is realized with the help of a widely spread program MS Access. The article gives a detailed descriptions of the structure of recording that include three parts: space coordinates: descriptive features – the type of the find, fragmentary, the way of processing etc.; inventory belonging of the find. The authors admit that the choice of the suitable set of descriptive features is one of the main difficulties in their work. The approaches to the statistical processing of the information are described very generally (it is noted in the article that this part of the researches bears the experimental character so far).


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