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Stratum Plus. 2003-2004. №1

Z. A. Abramova (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

A Catalogue of Depictions of Mammoth in European Palaeolithic Miniature Art

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Pages: 23-67

The author of this catalog has used all available publications of mammoth’ s depictions in form of engravings, sculptures and bas-reliefs. The group that shows the greatest variety are engravings, including on stone tablets, pebbles and fragments of tusk. Realistic depictions are scarce. Engravings of stylized mammoths and schematic figurines are predominant. The catalog follows the geographic principle, starting from the south-western France and ending with north-eastern part of the European Russia. To make the picture still more comprehensive, the publication includes Siberian findings as well. Description of the objects is preceded with short details about the site where they were found. References to each object are not comprehensive, depending chiefly on availability of bibliographic references in the Russian libraries.



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