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Stratum plus. 1999. № 1

Kobalia D. R. (Zaporozhie, Ukraina)

The Late Palaeolithic Site of Iurievka I

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Pages: 231-238

The location of the site is connected with a high cape on the rigpt bank of the river Lozovatka by the village of Iurievka of the Zaporojie area. A partially preserved cultural layer of the monument is in the loes deposits at the 60-70 m depth from the surface. The studying of this layer on the area of 133 m2 was executed by the expedition of O.V.Tuboltsev in 1993. The inventory of the monuments comprises almost 100 flint tools. Among them thece are side cutters on the plates, points in the shape of willow leaves (retouched from both sides), micro-plates with a backed edge and worked ends. They combine with cone and blade nucleuses, devoid of regular cutting. According to a number of characteristic features the collection of Iurievka finds analogues with the monuments of the stone-beam type.


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