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Stratum plus. 2020. No4

N. I. Khrapunov (Simferopol, Crimea)

New Coin Finds in the Cemetery of Neizats

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Pages: 227-233

This paper addresses eight coins excavated in Neizats cemetery in 2009—2013. This site is located in the central area of the Crimean Peninsula and dates from the turn of the 1st—2nd to the late 4th century AD. The cemetery was left by a mixed population, where Sarmatians and Alans predominated. There are 29 coins excavated in previous years and published before. The coins under study were minted in the Roman Empire (6 pcs.) and in the Bosporan Kingdom (2 pcs.). They date from the 2nd to the 4th century AD. One of the coins in question is the latest piece discovered in Neizats. The studied materials generally correspond to what is known of the use of coins in funerary rite by Crimean barbarians in the Later Roman period.

Keywords: Crimea, Later Roman period, barbarian cemeteries, coin finds, Roman Empire, Bosporan Kingdom

Information about author:

Nikita Khrapunov
(Simferopol, Crimea). Candidate of Historical Sciences. V. I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University. Academician Vernadsky Ave., 4, Simferopol, 295007, Crimea
E-mail: [email protected]

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