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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №5

E. N. Abyzova (Kishinev, Moldova), S. S. Ryabtseva (St.-Petersburg, Russia – Kishinev Moldova)

The Lotus from Costeşti and Monomakh’s Crown

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Pages: 363-369

The article examines a range of analogues of a gilded silver lotus-shaped plaque found in 1978 on Costeşti settlement in Moldavia. Similar plaques connected with the jeweler’s art of the Golden Horde are found in Volga basin, Crimea, Moscow region and Romania. A peculiar “negative” of open-work plaques with a filigree decoration is a smooth image of a similar flower against a filigree background on Monomakh’s crown. The base of Monomakh’s crown, without a later top and fur trimming, follows the same tradition as the Golden Horde’s plaques and find analogues in Mongol ethnographic headdress.


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