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Stratum plus. 1999. № 5

L. A. Mosionjnic (Kishinev, Moldova)

Eternal Returns of the Myth

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Страницы: 52-71

The article considers the basic ideas of one of the most known works by Mircea Eliade — essay «The Myth of the Eternal Return». A brief biographic introduction is followed by the main part of the article written in the form of a dialogic reading of the book together with the reader of the article, and discussion of the ideas arising while reading. A special attention is paid on the actual value of the ideas expressed by M. Eliade in his book nowadays, and their current, sometimes rather unexpected aspects: for instance, parallels between the world of mythological consciousness, the laws of which were so brilliantly analysed by M. Eliade, and the world of «virtual reality». The author highly appreciates the reviewed book, and first of all its analysis of mythological consciousness, but does not always agree with M. Eliade. Particularly, debated are the philosophical conclusions related to the modernity, made by M. Eliade at the end of his book.

Information about author:

Mosionjnic Leonid (Kishinev, Moldova). Doctor of history. High Anthropological School University
Е-mail: [email protected]

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