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Stratum plus. 2022. No3

V. N. Myshkin (Samara, Russian Federation)

The Saka of the Aral Sea Region and the Formation of the Nomadic Society of the Southern Urals in the 6th—5th Centuries BC

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Pages: 133-158 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.55086/sp223133158

The Saka of the Aral Sea region are considered as one of the components of the communities of the nomads of the Southern Urals. A sample of 192 anthropological analyses was studied to determine the nature of the migration of the cattle-breeding population of the Aral Sea region to the Southern Ural steppes. The analysis showed the absolute quantitative predominance of male burials in the late 6th–5th century BC and an equal number of men and women in the burials of the late 5th — 4th century BC. This ratio suggests that the initial development of the steppes of the Southern Urals was carried out mainly by male cattle-breeding teams. The occupation of the steppes could become the basis for the growth of the number of cattle grazed and an increase in the nomadic populations. The further successful functioning of the society was possible with the normalization of its social structure, which was achieved, in particular, through the inclusion of women into the cattle-breeding groups. Thus a society with a complex social hierarchy was formed. This process probably occurred during the 5th century BC and was completed by the 4th century BC. One of the probable reasons for the occupation of the steppes of the South Urals by cattle-breeding groups from the Aral Sea region with their transformation into a society with a hierarchical structure was the expansion of the Achaemenid state to the borders of the territory of the cattle-breeding tribes of Central Asia with their involvement in the system of socio-economic relations with this Empire.

Keywords: Southern Urals, Aral Sea region, Early Iron Age, early nomads, Sauromatian period, Saka, nomadism, cattle breeding, migration, cultural genesis, social structure

Information about author:

Vladimir Myshkin (Samara, RussianFederation). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education. M. Gorky St., 65/67, Samara, 443099, Russian Federation
E-mail: [email protected]

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