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Stratum plus. 2020. No4

M. Ju. Treister (Bonn, Germany)

A Rich Sarmatian Burial of the Kalinovka Necropolis in the Lower Volga Area and the Possibilities of its Interpretation

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Pages: 163-178

The article offers an analysis of the rich female burial unearthed in a mound near the village of Kalinovka in the Lower Volga region. A wide geographic spectrum of the origin of inventory, primarily the fact that this burial contains a combination of the items of Central Asian, Italic Late Republican, East Mediterranean Late Hellenistic and Kuban origin, of all burials in this region finds a close parallel only in burial no. 1/1984 in Kosika. The appearance of massive gold jewelry with losses and traces of ancient handicraft repairs, probably inherited by the deceased, can be presumably associated with the migration of nomads from Central Asia to the steppes of the Lower Volga region and their possible participation in the events associated with the fall of the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom. It is also likely that more modern finds from this grave, as I had suggested earlier in relation to the burial in Kosika, reflect participation of the nomads in Pharnakes’s campaign to Asia Minor in 47—46 BC.

Keywords: Lower Volga region, Kalinovka necropolis, Kosika, Central Asia, Italy, Eastern Mediterranean, Kuban area, Bosporan Kingdom, Asia Minor, gold jewellery, bronze- and glassware, fibulae, mirrors, pottery

Information about author:

Mikhail Treister
(Bonn, Germany). Doctor of Historical Sciences. German Archaeological Institute. Podbeilskiallee, 69-91, Berlin, 14195, Germany
E-mail: [email protected]

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