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Stratum plus. 2016. No 4

O. S. Yashnaya (Simferopol, Crimea)

“Carottes” Amphorae from Mangup-Kale (South-Western Crimea)

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Pages: 241-259

The author publishes and analyzes “Carottes” amphorae from the complexes of Mangup-Kale (South-Western Crimea), clarifies their chronology and spread. These vessels were produced in Demerji (Sinope). They are dated to the second half/late forth — sixth century AD. The vessels appeared in Mangup-Kale in the early fifth century AD and were most actively used in the next century. The number of “Carottes” amphorae decreased in the archeological contexts of seventh century. The vessels were delivered from the Sinope by sea to the Chersonesos, and then by land to Mangup-Kale. The finds evidence that the settlement was involved in the trade and economic system of Tavrida in the late Roman — early Medieval time.

Keywords: Crimea, fourth — sixth century, Mangup-Kale, “Carottes” amphorae, archeological context.

Information about author:

Olga Yashnaya
(Simferopol, Crimea). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Crimean University of Culture, Arts and Tourism. Kievskaya St., 39, Simferopol, 295017, Crimea
E-mail: [email protected]

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