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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 4

S. P. Pachkova (Kiev, Ukraine)

On the Process of Lateneisation of Zarubintsy Culture

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Pages: 74-87

The article raises questions on the process of development of Zarubintsy culture. The author supports the idea that both alien and substrata components participated in its development. Features of autochthonous cultures can be found in a number of artefacts, although the most significant evidence of their contribution is the fact that it is these features of the preceding culture which can be felt in all the three main regions of Zarubintsy culture. The Lateneisation process in Zarubintsy culture was influenced by both alien Jastorf and, probably, Pomorsk tribes with determined syncretic features of La Tčne and barbarian cultures of Central Europe (in mortuary rite, types of clay wares and their decoration, house-building techniques). Also, it could be influenced by part of local population of Dnieper basin, which participated in colonisation of Danube basin together with the Bastarnae in the late III c. BC, and brought features of La Tčne and Celtic-Illyrian cultures of Carpathian-Balkan region in Zarubintsy culture. These features are most obviously manifested in fibulae ЗТ, peculiarities of mortuary rite, the manner to blacken and gloss clay wares both inside and outside, and probably, in transition of the ethnic name of “Veneds” on to Dnieper basin. The Lateneised archaeological cultures are those cultures, which were subjected not only to the La Tčne influence, but rather those ones, whose development and Lateneisation took place with participation of Jastorf tribes, which lay the foundation for the peoples known in the Classical ancient records as Bastarnae and Sciri.

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