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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №1

Sapozhnikov I. V, Marko A., Matviishina J. N. (Odessa, Ukraine)

Alluvial Flint Raw-Materials of the Lower Dniester Valley: geological, petrographic and archeological aspects оf their study

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Pages: 276-287

This paper presents the main results of the study of alluvial flint raw-materials of the Lower Dniester valley, which was started by V.F. Petrun’ in the 1960-s. The authors give the geological and petrographic characteristic of the main flint deposits and describe their connection to the Stone Age sites (from the Early Palaeolithic to Neolithic ones) known in the region. Special attention is paid to the materials collected in 2005-2006 at the flint outcrops of Zeleny Hutor and Ovidiopol’.


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