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Stratum plus. 2011. №5

V. V. Koloda (Kharkiv, Ukraine), S. A. Gorbanenko (Kiev, Ukraine)

The Comparative Analysis of Agricultural Artifacts of the Bearers of the Saltov Culture and the Slavs of the Dnieper’s Leftbank

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Pages: 315-326

The agricultural economy of the studied population groups is rather special. Fallow land is the basis of the agricultural system; we can speak about winter crops, as well. More progressive agricultural implements of the Saltov people testify a positive influence of Khazar population on the Slavs’ agricultural economy. The herd structure and the palaeobotanical data confirm a more essential role of cattle-breeding for the Saltov population, in contrast to neighboring Slavic tribes.

Keywords: Dniester River basin, Middle Palaeolithic, Korman’ IV, flint inventory, refitting, technology, Levallois industries

Information about authors:

Vladimir Koloda (Kharkov, Ukraine). Candidate of historical sciences. Kharkiv National Pedagogical University “G. S. Skovoroda”.
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

Sergiy Gorbanenko (Kiev, Ukraine). Candidate of historical sciences. Institute of Archaeology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
E-mail: [email protected]

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