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Stratum plus. 1999. № 1

Stanko V. N. (Odessa, Ukraine)

Anetovka 2 – Late Palaeolithic settlement and sanctuary of hunters for bisons in the Northern Black Sea region

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Pages: 322-325

The analysis of schemes of spreading of archaeological finds at the Late Palaeolithic site of Anetovka-2 allows a conventional division of its whole complex into 2 parts. To proceed from its functional application one can distinguish a group of production places (where the manufacturing of implements and hunting equipment, cutting of animal carcasses took place) and a place for ritual acts. The conditional character of such division is determined by the fact that cutting of animal carcasses can be directly connected with the performance of totemic cult while the manufacturing of implements is connected either with the rite of initiation or with a special cult production (manufacturing of attributes of a holiday adapted for the stage). One of the possible versions of reconstruction of the rite of a holiday adapted for the stage, dedicated to the bison cult, is based on the information received from the western section of the settlement. It was here where the main and closing parts of the hunting holiday took place. The finds of bison jaws, placed in a circle with the bison head in the center, a thick adding of red ochre etc. are separate elements of the given ceremony.


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