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Stratum plus. 2011. №4

A. E. Puzdrovsky (Simferopol, Ukraine).

Burials of Sarmatian “Priestesses” from South-Western Crimea

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Pages: 271-290

Excavations of 2001 on Ust-Alma necropolis uncovered burials dated by the early centuries AD. They contained varied and rich artefacts (bronze vessels, mirrors, gold decorations) and ritual objects: hand-made incense-burners, ritual knife, red-slip cup with graffiti. Female burials belonged to Sarmatian “priestesses”.

Keywords: Ust-Alma Necropolis, Sarmatian burials, ritual objects

Information about author:

Alexander Puzdrovsky (Simferopol, Ukraine). Candidate of historical sciences. Crimea Branch of Archaeology Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
E-mail: [email protected]

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