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Stratum plus. 1999. № 4

Levinski A. N. (Kishinev, Moldova)

Lazo, a cemetery of the late phase of the Chernyakhov culture in Moldova

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Pages: 121-166

The burial Lazo (Slobozia-Chişcăreni) is situated in the forest-steppe area of Moldova, on the left bank of the middle current of the Middle Ciuluc River. It was discovered at the building of the road Kishinev — Bălţi when the bigger part of its area was destroyed. On the remained area (the south and north extremities) 45 burial complexes have been investigated. The burial is monoritual (inhumation). In the southern part, closer to the settlement, burials with the northern orientation predominate (11 out of 13), in the northern part burials with western orientation predominate (11 out of 16). There dominate burials at the holes with stairs. The position of skeletons almost without exception is extended on the back. Burial inventory is rather various and rich and it is characteristic of the burials with northern orientation. Besides ceramics (from 2 to 12 vessels) there were discovered bronze and silver pair-fibulae, clasps, bone hairbrushes, beans, pendants, glass cups and foreign ceramics. The correlation of the dated materials from the complexes allows to make it precise that the cemetery was founded not earlier than in the middle of the IV c. A. D. and has been used up to Hunn invasion — the end of the third quarter of the IV c. A. D., the time when the Chernyakhov culture at the territory of Moldova has ceased to exist.

Information about author:

Levinski Alexander (Kishinev, Moldova).  PhD researcher. Moldova National Museum of Archaeology and History
E-mail: [email protected]

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