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Stratum plus. 2012. №1

Kh. A. Amirkhanov (Makhachkala, Russia), E. N. Mashchenko (Moscow, Russia)

Urma 1 — an Early Pleistocene Locality in Central Dagestan

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Pages: 43-46

The paper describes archaeological and faunal finds from the locality of Urma 1 in Central Dagestan. The morphological characteristics of a mandibular fragment of Archidiskodon meridionalis allow dating the material to the Early Pleistocene.

Keywords: Central Dagestan, Archidiskodon meridionalis, Early Pleistocene

Information about authors:

Khizri Amirkhanov (Makhachkala, Russia). Doctor of Historical Sciences, Member Correspondent of the RAS. Dagestan Regional Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
E-mail: [email protected]
Evgeniy Mashchenko (Moscow, Russia). Candidate of Biological Sciences. Palaeontological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
E-mail: [email protected]

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