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Stratum plus. 2019. No3

T. V. Sarapulkina (Belgorod, Russian Federation)

The Swords of Scythian-Sarmatian Period from Regional Museums’ Collections of the Belgorod Oblast

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Pages: 125-132

The article published five swords and daggers of Scythian period and one sword with an annular top of Sarmatian period from the borderland between the Dnieper and Don river basins. All of them are stray finds. The swords and daggers of the Scythian type are dated: dagger found near Sorokino village (no. 1) — second half of the 6th century BC; sword found near Gotovie village (no. 2) — middle — second half of the 7th century BC; dagger found near the town Alekseevka (no. 3) — 6th century BC; another sword found near Gotovie village (no. 4) — 4th century BC, and the sword found near Borisovka township — 2nd half of the 7th century BC. The Sarmatian sword found near Rzhavets village (no. 6) is dated the 1st century BC — the 1st century AD.

Keywords: forest-steppe interfluve of the Dnieper-Don Region, Scythian-Sarmatian time, weaponry, swords, daggers, Fettersfelde type, Kelermes type

Information about author:

Tatyana Sarapulkina
(Belgorod, Russian Federation). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Department of State Protection of Cultural Heritage of Belgorod Region. Knyaz Trubetskoy St., 32, Belgorod, 308000, Russian Federation
E-mail: [email protected]

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