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Stratum plus. 2014. No2

I. S. Nikitenko (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine), S. D. Lysenko (Kiev, Ukraine)

Results of the Mineralogical and Petrographic Analysis of Stone Goods from the Burial Ground Malopolovetskoye-3 and the Settlement Malopolovetskoye-2A (Kiev Region)

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Pages: 333-344

The article presents the results of the petrographic study of selected stone goods from the complexes belonging to the Malopolovetskiy and Belogrudovskiy horizons of Kievo-Cherkasskaya group of Tshinetskiy cultural circle. The origin of the raw material was determined. A considerable part of the raw stones was delivered from the territory of neighboring regions and modern Dnepropetrovsk region. Conclusions were drawn about the peculiar uses of the rocks. For the production of the most types of goods certain raw stones were used. This could be rocks of the following types: dolerite, granitoid, tectonite, sandstone, amphibolite, quartz rock, limestone, soapstone. It has been suggested that the population of the Kievo-Cherkasskaya group of Tshinetskiy cultural circle led exchange trade with neighboring regions, in order to obtain stone products or raw material.

Keywords: Kiev region, Late Bronze Age, Tshinetskiy cultural circle, stone goods, archeological petrography

Information about authors:

Ihor Nikitenko
(Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine). Candidate of Geological Sciences. State Institution of Higher Education “National Mining University”. Karl Marx Pr., 19, Dnepropetrovsk, 49600, Ukraine.
E-mail: [email protected]
Sergey Lysenko (Kiev, Ukraine). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Archaeology Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Geroev Stalingrada Pr., 12, Kiev, 04210, Ukraine.
E-mail: [email protected]

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