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Stratum plus. 2014. No.5

VI. V. Stasjuk (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)

On Springs, Swords and Pogosts. Note to the Historical Geography of the West Novgorod Land

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Pages: 287-295

The article analyzes spatial distribution of pogost centers in Koporye, Yam and Oreshek counties of Vodskaya pyatina. These centers are known from 15th—16th centuries and analyzed against the background of settlement in I — beginning of II millennium BC, landscape and geographical features of Izhora Plateau. It is established that pogost centers of 15th—16th centuries were located in the marginal zone of the highlad, skirting its slopes and foothills. In the central part of the plateau there are no pogost centers, in spite of a dense network of settlements of 12th—15th centuries. This can apparently be explained by the presence of the Ingrian elevated water sources in the marginal zone— springs, creeks and small rivers originating on its slopes. Only 3 of the 17 studied pogost centers are located closer to the arid central plateau. Six pogost centers are located in the ancient foci development and their beginning relates to the first centuries BC and is associated with the culture of stone tombs with fences. Their area covers the northern and western outskirts of the hill. In most cases (13 of 17) pogosts are located in the centers Russian medieval settlement in 12th—13th centuries, which is marked by barrow cemeteries. At the same time, pogost centers of 15th—16th cc. are not related to the forts of the preceding period. It is noteworthy that pogost centers of 15th—16th centuries and barrow burials with swords of 12th—13th centuries gravitate to wards the marginal zone of the plateau, to the sources of rivers.

Keywords: Novgorod land, Izhora Plateou, Medieval Ages, Vodskaya pyatina, rural settlement, landscape, pogost

Information about author:

Ivan Stasjuk
(Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation). Nicholas Roerich's Museum-Estate, Izvara's affiliate of The Leningrad Region Museum Agency. Nicolas Roerich's museum-estate, Izvara, Leningrad Oblast, 188414, Russian Federation
E-mail: [email protected]

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