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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 4

A. G. Furasiev (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Middle Tushemlya Sites in Dvina Area (Origins of Ceramic Tradition)

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Pages: 201-208

The article analyses development of ceramic assemblage on the sties of Middle Tushemlya type, basing on the model of three settlements in Dvina area (south of Pskov Oblast’), which are dated by II–III cc. AD. The pottery on these sites is mainly represented by typical big hand-made vessels of truncated conic shape with everted rim decorated with tucks and incisions. Some wares have hatching decoration on the external surface. This type of wares find no local roots. The closest analogues can only be found as near as on the sites in Sozh river basin and on Dnieper at the confluence of the rivers Sozh and Berezina (sites of Chechersk-Kisteni type); they are, however, dated there by earlier period: II c. BC – I c. AD. The author believes that the facts of disappearance of such sites in Sozh basin and appearance of pottery typical of the middle layer of Tushemlya in Dvina basin are interconnected and seem to be evidence of migration activities.

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