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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №3

R. V. Stoyanov (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Memorial burial complex IV cent. B.C. near south municipal gate of Chersonesos Tauric

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Pages: 324-335

The article presents a study of analysis of the complex of memorial burial constructions situated near south municipal gate of Chersonesos Tauric (Pict. 1). The author of the article presents some chronological and structural feature of the crypt 1012 (Pict. 2) and step-foundation tomb (Pict. 3). At the basis of analysis the form and list of the black-glaze Hydria with the waybill ornamentation from the crypt №1012 in Chersonesos Tauric (Pict. 6), and also by analogies the vessel is dated the third quarter IV B.C. By the received approve, that the termination of use a crypt №1012 concerns to last decades IV B.C.


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