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Stratum plus. 2013. №5

D. V. Duk (Novopolotsk, Belarus), A. L. Kots (Polotsk, Belarus)

New Archaeological Research on the Territory of Zapolotsky Posad of Ancient Polotsk (end of 10th — first half of 12th century)

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Pages: 83-90

The article deals with the preliminary results of the archaeological excavations in the western part of Zapolotsky posad of the ancient Polotsk. This archaeological site was discovered in 2004; its area is 21 hectares. The results of the excavations in 2012 confirmed the conclusion about the uniqueness of this archaeological site in the European context: preservation of the cultural layer of undamaged industrial activity at the area of almost entire city posad; presence of a significant number of archaeological findings that suggest this area was settled at the end of 10th — middle 12th centuries, these found items belonged to representatives of the social elite (nobles (boyars), artisans-jewelers, merchants). The article provides a topographical structure of Polotsk at the end of 10th—12th centuries, gives the description of the most significant archaeological findings from excavations in 2012 that tell about transformation of Polotsk into the largest socio-economic, political and cultural center of the ancient Russia.

Keywords: Ancient Russia, Polotsk, posadskaya structure, medieval Eastern Slavic city, topography, artefact

Information about authors:

Dzianis Duk (Novopolotsk, Belarus). Doctor of Historical Sciences. Polotsk State University, Blokhin St., 29, Novopolotsk, 211440, Belarus
E-mail: [email protected]
Aliaksei Kots (Polotsk, Belarus). Polotsk State University, Blokhin St., 29, Novopolotsk, 211440, Belarus
E-mail: [email protected]

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