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Stratum plus. 2016. No1

I. I. Razgildeeva (Chita, Russian Federation)

Planigraphy of a Six-Hearth Complex of the Late Palaeolithic Settlement of Studenoe-2 in Transbaikalia

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Pages: 243-263

The article presents the results obtained from the cultural horizon 4/5 of Studenoe-2 with remains of a Late Palaeolithic dwelling complex with six hearths. Initialy all the structures were considered synchronous. However, a careful study of the spatial distribution of finds coupled with the results of radiocarbon analyses revealed that the complex includes three non-coeval household units: a dwelling with two hearths, a domestic zone with two/three (?) hearths, and a circular singlehearth dwelling. A series of 11 AMS radiocarbon dates ranging from 18 800 to 14 500 14C years BP testifies that the site was a place of recurrent human habitation and that the three units mentioned above formed at different times.

Keywords: Transbaikalia, Late Palaeolithic, dwelling complex, hearths, planigraphy, chronology.

Information about author:

Irina Razgildeeva
(Chita, Russian Federation). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Transbaikal State University. Aleksandro-Zavodskaya St., 30, Chita, 672039, Russian Federation.
E-mail: [email protected]

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