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Stratum plus. 1999. № 1

Păunescu Al. (Bucarest, Romania)

The first objects of the Palaeolithic art on the territory of Dobrogea

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Pages: 263-265

Recent finds of the works of art of the Palaeolithic period were made by M. Eugen on the territory of the village of Tsibrinu in the region of Constanta between the river of Danube and the Black Sea. Their exact location is connected with the Gravette settlement and the age is defined in the limits of 19-14 thousand years. These finds represent articles of bone with an engraving on the outer surface in the shape of zigzag and straight stripes that are similar in pattern to the objects of art of Gravette of the Central Europe, and also of Kostenki-Avdeevo culture in the basin of the river Don. Some analogues are appropriate with the finds on the site of Mezin on the river Desna.


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