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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №3

D. V. Karavayko (Kiev, Ukraine)

Kiselevka Fort II in Novgorod-Seversk Polesye

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Pages: 217-233

The article is dedicated to some preliminary results of the research conducted on a multi-layer site on a promontory situated on the right bank of the Desna River at Kiselevka Village (Novgorod-Seversk, Chernigov). Some evidence of Mesolithic epoch have been revealed (Pesochny Rov culture), of early Bronze Age (Middle Dnieper culture) and early Middle Ages (Romen culture). The main layer of the site belongs to Yukhnovskaya culture of early Iron Age. First forts on the promontory date back to this time. The excavation yielded some evidence suggesting existence of this fort within late 6th – 5th cc. BC.


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