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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №3

A. N. Levinschi (Kishinev, Moldova)

Two Approaches to the Issue of Appearance of the Getians in Moldovan Forest-Steppe Area (6th c. B.C.)

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Pages: 255-264

The issue of autochthonous origin of the Getians in the Dniester-Prut interfluve’s area and the whole Eastern Carpathian region was not debatable until 1994, when M. Tkachuk published his article on cultural manifestations in 5th – 1st c. B.C. in the known Romanian journal “TRACO-DACICA”. Tkachuk wrote about the Getians that their motherland was in Southern Dobrudja, while their first incursions in Eastern-Carpathian lands are dated by the late 6th – early 5th c. B.C. Our excavations during many years on a fortified Getian settlement “Saharna – La Revechin” enabled us to go back to the issue raised in the cited article and establish that massive migration of the Getians to the lands north of the Danube was connected with the raid by the Persian king Darius I against the Scythians. The event took place either in 514 or in 512 B.C.


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