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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №5

M. V. Medvedeva (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

I. I. Lyapushkin’s Scientific Heritage Documented in the Russian Academy’s Institute of History of Material Culture Photo Archive

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Pages: 16-20

All materials connected with the name of the outstanding archaeologist-Slavicist, doctor of history Ivan Ivanovich Lyapushkin are present in two funds within the Institute of History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS IHMC): the fund of the Institute of History of Material Culture of the USSR AS and the fund of the Leningrad branch of the Institute of Archaeology of the USSR AS. I. Lyapushkin’s activities were connected with the IHMC since 1935, the year when he entered a doctoral course at the Institute and where he worked till the end of his days. Years of activity enabled I.I. Lyapushkin to contribute a significant quantity of photo-documents of his theoretical and field research to the Institute’s photoarchive. These photo documents fall into the following groups: personalia, field research, materials for scientific papers.
A few photos and negatives in the photo-archive are I.I. Lyapushkin’s own image. Some of them are portraits photographed and printed by the Institute’s photolab (pictures of each researchers were regularly taken), and only a few photos show I.I. Lyapushkin during his work in expeditions. His earliest portrait is dated by 1939, taken on the dig at Tsimlyanskoe storage pond.  I.I. Lyapushkin’s field research stuff, similarly to the stuff of other researchers of the Institute, were rendered to the RAS IHMC’s photoarchive regularly upon the end of each year of excavation, where they were subject of further scientific processing. His first photo-documents were accepted to the photo-archive in 1937, the last ones – in 1968. These photo-documents reflect stages in archaeological research process, schemes, finds, etc. At this moment, I.I. Lyapushkin’s field research materials are represented in 54 albums stored in the photo-archive. Materials for the papers contain negatives and prints made by the Institute’s lab on I.I. Lyapushkin’s order for his dissertation research, as well as for his monographs and articles.
Overall, the RAS IHMC’s photo-archive contains I.I. Lyapushkin’s research materials including 2,711 negatives, 3,141 prints and 60 roll films and is an inalienable part of his scientific heritage and invaluable complex of photo-documents for contemporary researchers of Slavic archaeology.


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