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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №3

S. A. Skory (Kishinev, Moldova)

Manor of the Late VIth – Early Vth c. B.C. on Motronian settlement (Dnieper’s Right-Bank Forest-Steppe)

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Pages: 263-292

Article is a publication of materials of a manor of the late VIth-early Vth c. B.C., studied by the author on Motronian settlement – one of the largest settlements of Scythian epoch in the Ukrainian Right-Bank Forest-Steppe (the area near 200 ha).
The area of the manor was near 700 sq.m. It represented a place of residence of a domestic community. This community consisted of small families (4 or 5), each of which had a dwelling and various economic constructions: pits for storage of grain, cellars, garbage pits and other.
Total of inhabitants of a manor not less than 20 person, a maximum 25.
At excavation of the manor numerous finds, first of all, pottery, tools of metal, bone and stone, and decorations were found out.
The basic economic employment of inhabitants of a manor – animal industries and agriculture. The meat diet was ensured by hunting. Domestic crafts were: manufacture of pottery, processing of leather, spinning and weaving, manufacturing of tools of bone and stone.
Metal products (tools, weapons, decorations) and necessary other production, and also the Greek import: wine in amphoras and dining room utensils, inhabitants of the manor received in exchange for agricultural production.


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