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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №5

O. I. Boguslavski (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

A Complex of Sites at the Gorodishche Village on the Syasi River (the results of excavations of 1987-1999)

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Pages: 171-243

The monograph is an attempt to publish the results of archaeological research carried out in 1987-1999 at the Gorodishche village on the Syasi River (South-East Ladoga Region). The site yielded a unique for this region and quite rare for the South-West Russia existence on a small territory of a large quantity of different archaeological objects sharing some common features in their development. The researchers’ special attention was always focused on burial sites. The works carried out in 1987-1999 aimed at making some precisions to the research data obtained in late 19th – early 20th cc. as well as receiving new data about the burial rite.
The author maintains that the unique nature of this site is determined not only by the system of already known burial antiquities but also by remains of medieval settlements present there. Settlements in other places of the South-East Ladoga region are not studied and are practically unknown. Research revealed remains of several settlements in this region. Works on the dig south to the Syasi Gorodishche documented its rather pronounced industrial and commercial activities. New evidence revealed on this site proves existence of a chronological proximity between the Syasi Gorodishche and Staraya Ladoga settlements, which are likely to have followed similar ways of development until the mid 10th c.



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